Good Times

Hell hath no fury like a woman scornedI’ll tell you my story manI wish I’d never been bornI’m loose at the seamsI’ve broken my dreamsand my hand it shakes the penCome on, come on now, babyLet the good times roll again, yeah Where did our sweet love go?Who stole away our time?Why do the stars […]

Love Spreads

Love spreads her armsWaits there for the nailsI forgive you boy I will prevailToo much to take some cross to bearI’m hiding in the trees with a picnicShe’s over there yeahYeah yeah yeahYeah yeah yeah She didn’t screamShe didn’t make a soundI forgive you boyBut don’t leave townCold black skin naked in the rainHammer flash […]

(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister

Her hairSoft drifted snowDeath whiteI aint going to knowWhy she hatesAll that she doesAnd she givesIt all that she’s got Until the sky turns greenThe grass is several shades of blueEvery member of parliament trips on glue Until the sky turns greenAnd the grass is several shades of blueEvery member of parliament trips on glue […]


Pretending that the way’s through the doorI want to see you fallingA thousand reasons why I’d loose my hairI’m not your darling darlingI want to see you falling You tell me that your backs to the wallI want to see you fallingThe savour comes and a thief takes a walk Take a walk The feedback […]

All I Want

I’ll show you the wayI can make it so so easyBe meandering and lazyThere’s so much to be seenIt isn’t just a dream And all I need is all I wantSo don’t turn away Help you get awayTell you that your slowly sinkingBe meandering and lazyThere’s so much that I can’t seeIt is and it […]