Made Of Stone

Your knuckles whiten on the wheelThe last thing that your hands will feelYour final flight can’t be delayed No earth just sky it’s so sereneYour pink fat lips let go a screamYou fry and melt I love the scene Sometimes I fantasizeWhen the streets are cold and lonelyAnd the cars they burn below me Don’t […]

Standing Here

I’m standing on a hilltopA hundred miles from homeI can see the light surrounds meI want you to show me round I’m standing hereI really don’t think you could knowThat I’m in heaven when you smile I’m drifting through the cityI’m swinging from a treeI can touch but you can’t feel meYou hear me as […]

Going Down

Dawn sings in the gardenPhone sings in the hallThis boy’s dead from two day’s lifeResurrected by the call Penny here, we’ve got to comeSo come on round to meThere’s so much penny lying hereTo touch, taste and tease Ring a ding ding ding I’m going downI’m coming round Penny’s place her crummy roomHer dansette crackles […]

Straight To The Man

Saying this revelation call delia stationAn initiation, all you’d better bewareWho’ll cast the first stone?Skin to the bone bring it all on homeBring it all for Jerome So new castle build a brand new castleyeah yeah yeah yeah yeahStraight to the man On an island of tradersYou know they’re trying to fade yaNo-one can train […]

Sally Cinnamon

Until Sally I was never happyI needed so much moreRain clouds oh they used to chase meDown they would pourJoin my tearsAllay my fears Sent to me from heavenSally CinnamonYou are my world I pop pop pop blow blow bubble gumYou taste of CherryadeThere is something here you must show meFrom what you are madeSugar […]