Between the searching and the need to work it outI stop believing everything will be alrightBrokenWe are broken I’m walking uphill being turned around and roundSecret in motion when my feet are on the groundBrokenWe are broken In my mind’s eyeOne little boy anger one little manFunny how time flies

Bloodletting Go

Life, mama saysIs bloodletting goIf I care for nothingSun don’t shine and the grass don’t growBloodletting go Society dictatesby rules and regulationsBut when things are so tiredYou see things in the wrong lightSoon there will be no lightIf the sun don’t shine Life, mama saysIs bloodletting goIf I care for nothingSun don’t shine and the […]

Start Of The Breakdown

Scratch the iceLet the telephone ringSense of time is a powerful thingAnd we love to laughLove to cryHalf aliveWe love toGo slow when we’re dancing for rainDry skin flakes where there’s ice in the vienAnd we love to cryHalf alive Is this the start of the breakdown ? Scratch the earthDig the burial groundSense of […]


What’s the matter with your lifeDid someone come and shoot your with wifeJust as you plannedWill you live or will you dieAre you that butterflyThat never landsSet aside these vacant rulesBreak them now and don’t get fooled again SorryHow many times must I sayLife is not a cake to seperateWhat do I have to doTo […]

Me And My Big Ideas

Me and my big ideasWon’t wash away your tearsNo one else seems to mindThat I’m not that kind Go get a volunteerWe’ll pay him well my dearHe will see inside your mindBecause he is that kind It’s a southern kind of heatThe shadows crack and start to creepConversation drag its feetI wish we’d both been […]