Bottle Rocket

ft. Divine Styler, Everlast, Evidence [Evidence]Yo the rhyme excursions touch minds like brain surgeonsFeel the lyric tear gas even on clean versionsNo profanic goddammitHard like granite to the utmostI’m butter on rye, always high but play the low postI stretch to go the distance yo my lungs are mad elasticI’m dope on plastic like Flex, […]


[Prevail]My comparative dissentionFrom high as an intense discriptionOf why the valkyrie fly, calculateThe circumference of the sky for future referenceMeasure it all from bird’s eye to add some fuel to my furnaceTo those who scratch the surface and lace signs of plotonusExpected to strown trajectory of David’s sling to GoliathNor abundance of nouses accommodate my […]


As ten thousand maniacs emerge form an oasis that’s everclearMy soundgarden was invented to blind melons and smash pumpkinsHow could a whole nation of crash test dummies hope to release the grapesof wrathOn the day of Sabbath knowing it’ll be blackEspecially when they might be giants and they take to the air with stonetemple pilotsI’m […]

Bless + Destroy

[MadChild]I give you the creepsMy style’s sickeningFirst the awakeningPrepare for the quickeningBattle sole controller There can only be oneDrink a can of Pepsi-cola While I’m walking on the sunI’m ill Equipped with interchangeable weaponryThree mystical blades And multiple personalitiesCome crisp with raspinessWitchcraft to grasp thisDepth of perceptionSchizophrenic perfectionistMy direction is out there past the starsPart […]

Ground Breaking

[Madchild]Mental, torture chamber magnificent structureSwollen sculp dust surfing senses dangerSpark this bats dangle in darknessCrept beneath the depth of the swamp I’m the lochnessChop this one up on the board for the young lordBeats and lyrics matchhouse matches your spiritAnd rips your heart through your bodyand puts it next to your ear so you can […]