Honey Boy

CHORUS:He’s my honey boy,My ever-loving pride and joyMm-hmm-hmm-hmmMm-hmm-hmm-hmmHe’s my honey boy,My ever-loving pride and joyMm-hmm-hmm-hmmMm-hmm-hmm-hmm Sweet kisses are his claim to fameIn my heart, he’ll always remainTrue, fine lovin’ is his gameHoney boy is his name He’s sugar, he’s spiceHe’s everything that’s nice CHORUS I’d rather have a minute of his timeThan all the gold […]

I'm in Love Again

Love came through my windowAnd right out the doorLeaving me alone and hurtForever more Suddenly, you came, you sawYou captured my heartSo tenderly, you came to rescue in timeThis heart of mine Now, no more by myselfNo more hurt to be feltAnd no more long and sleepless nightsNow that I am in love againAnd no […]

It Makes No Difference Now

It makes no difference now what kind of life fate hands meI’ll get along without you now, that’s plain to seeI don’t care what happens next but I’ll get by somehowAnd I don’t worry ’cause it makes no difference now Now that we have really parted, I can’t believe we’re throughAnd I don’t blame myself […]

He's All I Got

You’re a girl that hates to see others happyUnless you’re happy tooSo, you’ve told the boy I loveA lot of things that ain’t true And it’s breaking my heart‘Cause it’s making us drift apartSo, humbly, I ask of youTo undo the wrong that you’ve done CHORUS:Please go to him, tell himBefore he finds someone new‘Cause […]

Let Me Go the Right Way

(Let me go right, let me go rightLet me go right) I’m yours, don’tcha know that I done fell for you?(I fell for you)I wanna know, baby, tell me, whatcha gonna do?(Whatcha gonna do?)You took my love (you took my love)Hey, all my love (taking all my love)Don’t lead me astrayLet me go the right […]