Run, Run, Run

Girls, gather ’round me and hear the newsHe finally kissed me, oh, happy dayMy heart’s gotta shout itI’ll get my diary and write about it (Well, as your friends, we wanna sayHe’ll break your heart one daySo, you better run run run run run runYeah yeah yeah yeah yeah) Oh-oh-oh, but he’s such a quiet […]

A Breathtaking Guy

(Ooh-ooh-oooooooh, ooh-ooh-ooooooohOoh-ooh-oooooooh, ooh-ooh-oooooooh) One night, you held me tightAnd whispered in my earAll night sweet words (sweet words)I never heard (unheard)And I believed every word Next day, you came my way (came my way)Without a word to say,You passed me by (me by)You didn’t bat an eye (an eye)My darling, won’t you tell me why?You’re […]

I Want a Guy

I want a guy to love meOne who will love me completelyNot like the last (not like the last)Who’s in the past (who’s in the past)Who broke my heart and made me cry I wish that he would come and kiss meAnd tell me that he misses meI know somedayHe’ll come my wayAnd I’ll never […]

My World Is Empty Without You

My world is empty without you, babeMy world is empty without you, babe And as I go my way alone,I find it hard for me to carry onI need your strength, I need your tender touchI need the love, my dear, I miss so much My world is empty without you, babeMy world is empty […]

I Hear a Symphony

You’ve given me a true loveAnd every day, I thank you, loveFor a feeling that’s so new,So inviting, so exciting Whenever you’re near,I hear a symphonyA tender melodyPulling me closer, closer to your arms Then suddenly (I hear a symphony)Ooh, your lips are touching mine(Ooh, baby baby) A feeling so divine‘Til I leave the past […]