Nothing But Heartaches

Nothing but heartachesOoh, nothing but heartachesHe brings nothing but heartachesOoh, I can’t break away from his armsI can’t break away from his charmI can’t break away from his kiss‘Cause his kiss, I’d surely miss All my life, I’ve needed someone to need meSo, I do my very best to please himBut the more and more […]

Stop! In the Name of Love

(Stop! In the name of loveBefore you break my heart) Baby baby, I’m aware of where you goEach time you leave my doorI watch you walk down the streetKnowing your other love you’ll meetBut this time, before you run to herLeaving me alone and hurt(Think it over) After I’ve been good to you(Think it over) […]

Come See About Me

I’ve been cryin’ (boohoo)‘Cause I’m lonely (for you)Smiles have all turned (to tears)But tears won’t wash away the fear That you’re never ever gonna returnTo ease the fire that within me burnsIt keeps me cryin’, baby, for you,Keeps me sighin’, baby, for you So, won’t you hurry?Come on, boy, see about me(Come see about me)See […]

Ask Any Girl

Being hurt by the one you loveIt’s a feeling that’s hard to hideBut you don’t seem to understand whyWhen I’m alone, I sit and cry Ask any girl who’s often left aloneAll by herselfNeglectfully pushed aside,Set aside like a doll on a shelfJust ask any girl (any girl)Ooh, then you’ll understand whyI sit and cry […]

Back in My Arms Again

(Oooooh!) All day long, I hear my telephone ringFriends calling giving their adviceFrom the boy I love, I should break away‘Cause heartaches, he’ll bring one day I lost him once through friends’ adviceBut it’s not gonna happen twice‘Cause all advice ever gotten meWas really long and sleepless nights(Oooooh!) But now, he’s back in my arms […]