Open Your Eyes

As I walk along these streetsI see a man that walks aloneDistant echo of peoples feetHe has no place to call his ownA shot rings out from a roof over headA crack head asks for change nearbyAn old man lies in an alleyway deadA little girl lost just stands there and cries What would you […]

Can't Believe

RespectRespect is what is foundRespect should be aboundRespect everything that you leave (I can’t believe)Can’t Believe And I, I can’t believeI can’t believe all the travestySurrounding me, I , I want to fleeI want to flee from everythingIn front of me! Can’t Believe Never again, trusted in youFuck everything you think I should beI stand, […]


I just need this to be all rightI can’t feel this another night I can’t take this I come ungluedI just need this to be alrightI can’t feel this another night I can’t take this I come ungluedI might breakdown in front of younecessary to medicateI’m not sleeping, can’t stay awake Can’t see through thisToo […]

Take It

I feel like this won’t go awayno matter how hard I tryto squeeze my eyes shutso i can’t see the painin you this pain in me – in me But everything that I can say to youWon’t help you – everything you need is right in front of youJust take it I know that I […]

For You

To my mother, to my father,It’s your son or it’s your daughter,Are my screams loud enough for you to hear me?Should I turn this up for you? I sit locked inside my headRemembering everything you’ve saidThis silence gets us nowhwere!Gets us nowhere way too fast! The silence is what kills meI need someone here to […]