Have you ever felt the needTo see more than you can seeLook into uncertaintyReflections of treacheryWould you leave the world behindEndless life is here to findCan I interest you in liesSell your soul for all it buys Play with your insanityShatter your realityPulsing in your blood I can satisfy your greedFor now all your debts […]

Hell Awaits

[Backwards: "Join us" x times][Welcome back] Existing on damnation’s edgeThe priest had never knownTo witness such a violent showOf power overthrown Angels fighting aimlesslyStill dying by the swordOur legions killing all in sightTo get the one called Lord The Gates of Hell lie waiting as you seeThere’s no price to pay just follow meI can […]

Live Undead

Cascaded darknessWalls close in on me.Nailed shut but my eyes still see.Severe anguish as my body evolves.The pain of life after death it resolves. Emptiness in twilight’s rebirth,The faint sounds of shoveled earth.Madness growing as your mind dissolves.Merely secret in my dreams. Night grows cold, twilight’s near,On the edge of madness the wounds are sheared.Forms […]


Funeral held for the depression of manHolds the key to his own deathEntering a tomb of a corpse yet conceivedTighten the tourniquet around your neck Sifting away the debris of hated lifeCold touch of death begins to chill your spineSeeking life beyond your perishmentRepeating words echoing through your mind Chanting lines of blind witcheryTo save […]

Face The Slayer

A misty night, a perfect nightBeneath the cold of the frozen starYou feel the fright, you know I’m nearYou never should have come this farI am alive, you can’t kill meI will survive eternity Go through the fire walk past the deadLost in my eternal mazeYour heart pounds through the mist filled airYour concentration breaks […]