Crypts Of Eternity

Devious to those unknownHe walks below the landAlluring victims to their deathPerish to the sand Master of the blackened artsLiving his decreeThrives amongst the Seven GatesSearching for the keys I have seen the darkened depths of HellSorcery beyond the witches’ spellRobbed the crypts of Death’s eternityKilled the priest and cursed him endlessly Chants of evil […]

God Send Death

On your back look on to meYou’ll see genocideFace from death more than insaneProfane pleading criesWatch you die inside watch you die God send death end miseryPreach no love of ministryPray for sin a shattered faithDown on your kneesYour screaming out to die Death is over dueNothing can save youA morbid symphonyHearing you lie there […]

Silent Scream

Nightmare, the persecutionA child’s dream of death. Torment, ill forgottenA soul that will never rest. Guidance, it means nothingIn a world of brutal time. Electric, circus, wild,Deep in the infants mind. Silent ScreamBury the unwanted child.Beaten and tornSacrifice the unborn. Shattered, adolescent [sings: another child]Bearer of no name. Restrained, insane gamesSuffer the children condemned. Scattered, […]

At Dawn They Sleep

Awakened I have becomeLight now slips awayManipulate your mindDarkness is my slave Taste the sins of HellThe blood that I so craveThe last thing that you seeIs the hunger in my eyes Blood sucking creatures of the nightNocturnal spectre hiding from the lightCries screaming out every frightEagerly awaiting plightApparitions from the pits of HellDeath plagues […]

Black Magic

CursedBlack magic nightWe’ve been struck downDown in this HellSpells surround me day and nightStricken by the force of evil lightThe force of evil light Cast Under his spellBlinding my eyesTwisting my mindFight to resist the evil insideCaptive of a force of Satan’s mightA force of Satan’s might Fighting the curseBreak it I mustLaughing in sorrowCrying […]