Cleanse The Soul

Body that rests before me,With every dying breath,Spellbound and gagged,I commence your flesh to dirt. Body that lay before me,In everlasting death.Entombed in abscess,To rot and lie stinking in the earth. Empty altar awaits its victimStained glass windows black.Candles burn the midnight oil,Incense fills the night. Observing trance awaking stateLying still unknowing.Reciting the passages of […]

Piece By Piece

Modulistic terrorA vast sadistic feastThe only way to exitIs going piece by piece You have no choice of life or deathMy face you will not seeI’ll rip your flesh ’till there’s no breathDismembered destiny As soon as life has left your corpseI’ll make you part of meNo emotionDeath is all I see Modulistic terrorA vast […]


Strangulation, mutilation, cancer of the brainLimb dissection, amputation, from a mind deranged Asphyxiation, suffocation, gasping for airExplain to me the feeling after sitting in the chair? Ripping apartSevering fleshGouging eyesTearing limb from limb Experimentation, slow infection, internal decayExecution, need transfusion, body rots away Sliced incision, zero vision, loss of vital signsSkin contortion, bone erosion, your […]


Mortuaries, dead of nightMy body starts to riseIn my mind the horror livesTo feel death deep inside Relentless lust of rotting fleshTo thrash the tomb she liesHeathen whore of Satan’s wrathI spit at your demise Virgin child now drained of lifeYour soul cannot be freeNot given the chance to rot in Hell Satan’s cross points […]

Stain Of Mind

I’magine Humanity’s declineStep inside my stain of mindInfesting superiorityInfectious immorality oh yeaCome worship the place no truths are toldPraise the land where sins are soldNo passion no love your faith evadesNever see yourself again that wayDeath becomes your brideLifelessness invades your eyesin fire baptizedAll pain sifts through my soulYou’ll never feel greater miseryMaster of my […]