Born Of Fire

Join in my quest to leave life overturnedSpanning the world wave of doomSpewing out death with the evil I’ve churnedAwaken the dead from their tombsLove turns to lust the sensations I’ve feltExploring the pleasures of sinMaking the best of the cards I’ve been dealthAdjusting the odds so I win Unleash all my burning wrathPotential killing […]

Raining Blood

Trapped in purgatoryA lifeless object, aliveAwaiting reprisalDeath will be their acquisition The sky is turning redReturn to power draws nearFall into me, the sky’s crimson tearsAbolish the rules made of stone Pierced from below, souls of my treacherous pastBetrayed by many, now ornaments dripping above Awaiting the hour of reprisalYour time slips away Raining bloodFrom […]

Here Comes The Pain

I am the new hell on earthThe lord of agony divineDomination, intimidationLives within these eyesReign of powerRemorseless anarchyI am arrogance in the fleshUnleashed intensity Step aside for the nightmarePure destruction stands before youNo escape as the psychoBrings you miseryThe line starts here I am brutality the face of everlasting painAnnihilation, ObliterationPulses in these veinsSheer defiance […]

Ghosts Of War

Fate silent warriors sleeping souls will arise.Once forgotten soldiers come to life.Fallen mercenary, dormancy is done,Not content with wars we never won. Memories can’t ignoreAnguish of beforeSatisfy the scorn.Rise ghosts of war. Target assassinate, time of your life has expired.Hatred victimize, gaze in their eyes as they die.Violence inflicting of pain, savage morticians denyDrive the […]

Haunting The Chapel

The holy crossSymbol of lifeAnticipate the lives of Christians bornSpeak of deathThe words of hateAnticipate the rules among the deadHell has seenPriests condemnedTo bring forth the lord of the crossStrike twelveRaise the deadThe chapel comes under attack The ghosts of deadTorment the priestTheir altar will soon be destroyedHeaven’s massTurning blackThe church will belong to the […]