Serenity In Murder

Let me take you down without a soundDead before you hit the groundBlood washes my hand can’t understandSterilizing my pain Washed away with crimson tideBy my hand I keep testing timeQuench the fire that drives my soulSoothing me as death takes hold Peaceful and serene slowly bleedingEyes once bright are now fadingPallid ashen face against […]

Darkness Of Christ

Mankind in his insatiable search for divineKnowledge has discarded all biblical teachings Realizing that the strength of religion is the repression of knowledgeAll structures of religion have collapsed Life prays for deathin the wake of the horror of these revelations It was never imagined how graphic the reality that wouldbe known as the end of […]

Captor Of Sin

Halls of Hell spread its wings as I penetrate your soulFeel the fire shift through your body as I slip into your throneCast aside, do as you will, I care not how you feelSatan’s job, I snatch you up, force of my demon’s seal Hot winds of HellBurns, in my wakeDeath is what you pray,Behold, […]


Driving compulsion morbid thoughts come to mindSexual release buried deep insideComplete control of a prized possessionTo touch and fondle with no objectionLonely souls an emptiness fullfilledPhysical pleasure and addictive thrillAn object of perverted realityAn obsession beyond your wildest dreams Death loves final embraceYour cool tendernessMemories keep love aliveMemories will never die The excitement of dissection […]