I Shall Believe

Come to me nowAnd lay your hands over meEven if it’s a lieSay it will be alrightAnd I shall believe I’m broken in twoAnd I know you’re on to meThat I only come homeWhen I’m so all aloneBut I do believe That not everything is gonna be the wayYou think it ought to beIt seems […]

No One Said It Would Be Easy

It’s obvious the trouble we’re inWhen your father pulls up in a Mercedes BenzHe says he just happened to be in the neighborhoodBut before he leaves he slips the landlord the rentYou say, "It’s just a question of eliminatingobstacles"As you throw your dinner out the kitchen doorYou say, "I know how you try" But honey, […]

Soak Up The Sun

My friend the communist Holds meetings in his RV I can’t afford his gasSo I’m stuck here watching TVI don’t have digitalI don’t have diddly squatIt’s not having what you wantIt’s wanting what you’ve got [CHORUS:]I’m gonna soak up the sunGonna tell everyone To lighten up (I’m gonna tell ’em that)I’ve got no one to […]

Hole In My Pocket

You can tell me the world is round and I’ll prove to you it’s squareYou can keep your feet on the ground,but I’ll be walking on airYou’re pretty good at waitingWhile I go running aroundWell, that’s just the way it is, you knowI got a hole in my pocketYou give me love and I drop […]

Can’t Cry Anymore

Took your carDrove to TexasSorry, honeyBut I suspected we were throughAnd I can’t cry anymoreSince I leftBeen feelin’ better, cause that’sWhat you get when youStay together too longAnd I can’t cry anymore [Chorus]Wouldn’t it be good ifwe could hop a flight to anywhereSo long to this lifeSo much for pretendingBad luck’s never-endingAnd now I know […]