I've Got My Heart On You

OH OH OH OH YeahOh Baby (Oh baby)Everybody got their heart on somethingI got my heart on youOh BabyAnd everybody got their card on someoneI got my love on youOh Sugar In this world of hypocrisiespeople learn from their tendenciesthey wanna be free, they wanna be freetake a look at my heart girland look outsidepeople […]

Only For You

Baby I’ve beenThinking of youGotta picture in my mindThey say I’mFalling in loveMakes you blindYou opened up my eyesBrought our feelingsDeep insideNo one believes in meLike you doNo one can everTake your placeYou’re like foodTo my soul [CHORUS:]Only you can make meFeel this wayAnd I gotta sayWhen I’m feeling downYou are thereAnd whileYou’re holding meYou […]

I Love It When We Do

I love it when we do what we [x2] Ahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa [x3] When you’re around the sun is always shiningAnd since we met I haven’t once stopped smilingThe love I feel for you is almost blinding yeah I’m running up and down the streetHugging everyone I meetNow you love me life is sweetWhen I got you […]


Just one more kissAnd I’ll be goneI won’t write,I won’t call youNo more girl,I swear thatI’ll be strongJust one moreTaste of youAnd I’ll be fineGirl I mean whatI say todayBut tomorrowI’ll know thatI was lying ‘Cause baby, ohI only wish you knewHow this feelingScares me soIt’s just like letting,Just like letting go [CHORUS:]And I guess […]

As Much As I Can Give You Girl

I had a bad day As much as I can give you girl [3] I had a bad day and then I heard what you had to sayAfter I had a hard week it’s getting harder to turn the other cheekIt’s going to be a tough month without you cause you give me the bumpSo […]