Blown Away

Blown awayBlown away Baby I’m gonna aft blow you away I’m blown [15] You make me feel like a stranger in my own houseYou got me running around just like a scared mouseYou were always saying that I was your destinyThen pretty baby why aren’t you here next to meYou made all of my dreamsAnd […]


You said youCould see no endThe world and himselfWere all on your backI vowed to take your handShow the worldIn a different lightAll that you’ve doneYou’ve got to believeIn all of your dreams [CHORUS:]No matter whatThe world canThrow at youYou know you can believeBelieve in meAnd after allI’ll still believe in youAnd even ifYou cannot […]

Brighter Days

I’ve done a lot ofLiving in my lifeChased my share ofRainbows in the skyBefore I stopped toAsk the question whyI’ve fallen out of loveToo many timesBut now I seeThe possibilitiesOh how my life could be [CHORUS:]From any other loveI’d walk awayLove is temporaryI would sayNow each night IFind a reason to stayWith you there’sAlways brighter […]

Once Upon A Lifetime

Once upon a lifetimeI looked in someone’s eyesAnd felt the fireBurning in my heartFor the very first timeShe was scared and youngAnd had never tasted loveSo I took her by the handAnd a boy became a manOnce upon a lifetime And once upon a lifetimeYou hold theQueen of HeartsAnd if you gambleOn a diamond winThe […]

Life Is A Rollercoaster

Hey baby you reallyGot my tail in a spinHey baby I don’t evenKnow where to beginBut baby I got one thingI want you to knowWherever you go tell me‘Cause I’m gonna go [CHORUS:]We found love,So don’t hide itLife is a rollercoaster,Just gotta ride itI need you,So stop hidingOur love is a mysteryGirl, let’s get beside […]