Most Girls

I never cared too much for loveIt was all a bunch of mush that I just did not wantPaid was the issue of the dayIf a girlfriend’s got some gameCouldn’t be more fly, gettin paid was everythingBut I’m not every girl and I don’t need that world to validate meCuz shorty’s got a job, shorty’s […]

Love Is Such A Crazy Thing

I never thought I’d find someoneBut you came along and made me seeThat you were the only one for meBoy, I love you constantly Bridge:You are my love, my only loveBaby my heart belongs to youBe with me, don’t play with meIf you want love just let me know Chorus:Love…love is such a crazy thingNever […]

Just Like A Pill

I’m lyin’ here on the floor where you left me I think I took too much I’m crying here, what have you done? I thought it would be fun Bridge: I can’t stay on your life support, there’s a shortage in the switch, I can’t stay on your morphine, cuz its making me itch I […]

Goin' To California

I’m goin’ to California To live in the summer sun The streets are made of silver I’m like a rabbit on the run Philidelphia freedom Well its not like you have heard, no, no, no This city of brotherly love Is full of pain and hurt I’m goin’ to California To find my pot of […]

Hell Wit Ya

What is thisI heard you got a new missWe just broke up so you know that I’m pissedThey say you’re faithful I don’t believe that shhhh…Oh no, oh no Bridge:Oh I tried to act like I didn’t careBut it doesn’t seem fair you’re so good to herAnd I tried to pretend I didn’t see all […]