God Bless

In the mall one day I saw youWalking pastAnd then I looked again andYou were goneWell anyway I thought aboutWhen I last talked to youAnd how I prayed for youAnd how I told you things would be fineIn time you would be okayIf that was you then God bless [Chorus:]God blessYou been on my mindThought […]

Little Girl

[Little girl:] Hey Erica and Tina can sing a song about little girls for me, please She was just 13 and I just don’t thinkThat she ever seen her own beautyAnd she didn’t think she’d be anythingAnd that little girl, she used to me be [Chorus:]Little girl, little girlWonder are you listening Little girl, little […]


[Chorus:]I can’t believe you chose someone like meWhen I’ve done nothing to deserve it, noI feel so blessed ’cause you give meyou bestYour love is nothing less than incredible I’ll take a little time outJust to think a little whileBack on everything I’ve been throughAll my ups ‘n’ downsWould still be ups ‘n’ downs ifif […]

Give It Up Let It Go

When the weight of the world seemsLike it’s on your shouldersBogging you downWhen you feel like you’re stuck In one place And you just can’t move it aroundWhen it seems like you’re so backed upInto a corner that there’s no way outJust remember that you’ve got a friendWho’s watching and he knows all about(so you […]

I Try

[Hook:]I try but sometimes I failNow I realize that I need your help‘Cause I can’t make it all by myselfI need you, you, you , yeah! I should know by now there’s no way noHow I could live my life without youStill I get caught up in myselfAnd talk to you less and lessAnd every […]