Let’s Go To War

I’m a motherfucking wrenchThrown in the gearsEverything was great til I got hereI’m a bad guy inside and outPut your faith in me and I’ll spit you outAnd I admit, I’m a basketcaseWith lipstick smeared across my faceCocked and loaded can’t shut me up[chorus]Hey stupid, don’t suck your thumbTake your diaper off and put your […]


In 197666 I was born a bastard and a son of a bitchAnd I’m sick, sick motherfucker sick In 197666 I nailed a G.I. Joe to a crucifixAnd I’m sick, sick motherfucker sick[pre-chorus]I don’t wanna commit suicideI just wanna commit a homicideOh yeah, that’s what I am[chorus]76 born a son of a bitch 76 born […]

Kill Miss America

I wanna be a fucking prize winning drag queenWith the platform boots and the tombstone looksI want the whole world to hate meWith the bolts on my neck and the gun in my dress[pre-chorus]Tonight I’m the prettiest zombie aliveI’m alive, I’m alive, I’m aliveAnd I don’t care what it takes I’m gonna win the prize[chorus]I’m […]

People Hate Me

I’m wretched, I’m infested, rejected and infectedI’m a loser, I’m a winner, a born-again sinnerCut my throat and watch me bleed, addicted tragedyAnd I hate you and you hate meSo stand in line motherfuckers don’t waste my time[pre-chorus]See me in the headlinesManipulate your simple mindsSo put your hands up and praiseI’m your god and you’re […]

Slit My Wrist

Paranormal chicken geekDrugged up superstar fiendGenderbending galactic freakSci-fi lobotomy Exorcism, circumcisionHorrifying gruesome sceneBloodsuckers, a motherfucking Brain dead neurotic fiend [chorus]Sick, get sick on thisYou motherfuckers make me Wanna slit my wristSick, so sick of thisI wanna slit my wrists A basketcase stitched-up faceBe all you can beChiller, killer, monster thrillerTrigger happy zombie Radiation, masturbationInfect the […]