Carolina Moon

Carolina moon, keep shinin’,Shinin’ for the one who waits for meCarolina moon, I’m pinin’,Pinin’ for the one who waits for me How I’m hopin’ tonight, you’ll go,Go to the right windowScatter your light, say I’m alright, please doTell him that I’m blue and lonelyDreamy Carolina moon INSTRUMENTAL BRIDGE How I’m hopin’ tonight, you’ll go,Go to […]

Here You Come Again

Here you come againJust when I’ve begun to get myself together,You waltz right in the doorJust like you’ve done before,Wrap my heart ’round your little finger Here you come againJust when I’m about to make it work without you,You look into my eyes,Lie those pretty liesPretty soon, I wonder how I came to doubt you […]

Long Ago (and Far Away)/All the Things You Are

Long ago and far away,I dreamed a dream one dayAnd now, that dream is here beside meLong the skies were overcastBut now, the clouds have passed:You’re here, at last! Chills run up and down my spineAladdin’s lamp is mineThe dream I dreamed was not denied me Just one look and then, I knewThat all I […]

State of the Heart

I tell myself I’m not looking for loveI tell myself it’s the last thing I’m thinking ofI’ve got no expectationsAnd I mean just what I sayThen I look into his eyesDamned if I don’t lose my headAnd I wonder how I thoughtThose things I said It’s the state of the heart,State of the heartReady to […]