In Too Deep

The night bird is dyin’And, baby, there’s no denyin’Too far gone to escape, to pull myself free (pull myself free)Now, I’m tryin’, tryin’ hard to get backHow I’m dyin’ tryin’ hard to get backBut it’s too far, but it’s too far to climb CHORUS:‘Cause I’m in too deepFallin’ down through the dark and it’s drivin’ […]

I'm Happy Just to Dance With You

I don’t wanna kiss or hold your handIf it’s funny, try and understandIn this world, there’s nothing I would rather do…‘Cause I’m happy just to dance, happy just to dance with you I don’t wanna kiss or hold your handIf it’s funny, try and understandThere is really nothing else I’d rather do‘Cause I’m happy just […]

Some Other Time

Where has the time all gone to?Haven’t done half the things I want toOh well, we’ll catch up some other time This day was just a tokenToo many words are still unspokenOh well, we’ll catch up some other time Just when the fun was starting,Comes the time for partingBut let’s be gladFor what we hadAnd […]

He's a Rebel

See the way he walks down the streetWatch the way he shuffles his feetMy, he holds his head up highWhen he goes walking byHe’s my guy When he holds my hand, I’m so proud‘Cause he’s not just one of the crowdWhy is he always the oneTo try the things they’ve never done?Just because of that, […]

Make the Man Love Me

You kissed me once by mistakeThought I was somebody elseI felt that kiss and I enviedThat somebody elseI wanted you for myselfI guess I was shameless and boldBut I made a plan in my heartI’ve never breathed, I’ve never told I must try to make the man love me,Make the man love me nowBye and […]