I Like You, You’re Nice

I like you, you’re niceSeems like I’ve known you for yearsBut we met just a moment agoWouldn’t you know we’re such old friends?And I like you a lotSo, don’t go You’re nice, you’re very much meHow very nice we could beBut we wouldn’t have all that we haveLet’s never know and just be friends‘Cause I […]

Something I Thought I’d Never Do

Too many times,I’ve sat across a tableLending a sympathetic earKnowing exactly what I’ll hearConcealing my impatienceWith a friend who falls apartWho’s let some guy walk off with her heartHe’s gone, she can’t forget, it’s nothing newDepending upon your point of view So many times,Women have a weaknessFor building their lives around a manSomething I never […]

Night Flight

We spend our nights travelingBut never leave the roomSoaring through the midnight cloudsFollowed by the moonYou teach me what I never knewSo easilyYou take me where I’ve never beenStay with meYou tell me things I’ve never heardWithout a wordWithout a word Night flightLeaving this old earth behindWho knows what we’ll findThe higher we climbNight flightNever […]

Right as the Rain

Right as the rainThat falls from aboveSo real, so rightIs our loveIt came like the springThat breaks through the snowI can’t say what it may bringI only know, I only know It’s right to believeWhatever gave your eyes this glow,Whatever gave my heart this songCan’t be wrongIt’s right as the rainThat falls from aboveAnd fills […]


I never kissed a man beforeOh, isn’t that a shame?I never kissed a man before,Before I knew his name I never had a taste for wineOh, isn’t that a sin?I never had a taste for wine,For wine can’t compare with gin It’s nice as nice can beMy faith is at last restoredTo find that vice […]