On My Way to You

So often as I wait for sleep,I find myself recitingThe words I’ve said or should have saidLike scenes that need rewriting,The smiles I never answered,Doors perhaps I should have opened,Songs forgotten in the morning I relive the roles I’ve played,The tears I may have squandered,The many pipers I have paidAlong the roads I’ve wanderedYet all […]

Another Woman in Love

Nothing’s worse than redundancyHow true, how trueBut I keep thinking the same old thoughtsWhen I’m with youThis has gone way past affectionIt’s my favorite directionShe’s right there in my reflectionI’m another woman in love My horoscope gave the go-aheadI know…you knewAnd here’s the proof that I’m looking forThe sky is blueYou can tell that I’m […]

I Could Have Been a Sailor

I’m a happy womanI made my choice in lifeI chose to settle downI chose to be a wifeAnd I take pleasure in my quiet hearthAnd happy homeI never gave my heartIts chance to roam I could have been a sailorAnd sailed the seven seasThe wind in my face all dayCan you taste the salty breeze?I […]

Sometime Soon

When I’m with you,I need nothing moreNight’s an open doorTo foreverBut I know, love,When I’m far from home,Every day aloneSeems a lifetime But sometime soon, I’ll be thereAnd I’ll hold youWe’ll make the light shineThrough the cloudsWe’ll make the sun singRight out loudAnd we’ll make the night smileWith the moonSometime soonSometime soonSometime soon I feel […]

Different Worlds

CHORUS:Let the time flowLet the love growLet the rain showerLet the rose flowerLove it seeks, love it findsLove it conquers, love it binds We come to each other from different worldsDrawn to each other by the love inside of usWe give to each other our different worldsAs long as we can do it,Life is gonna […]