How Could I

It was a coldest day in DecemberA day I always will rememberI looked into your eyesAnd faced my deepest fearI had drifted too farFar from you my dear [Chorus:] So how could ITurn away from the one I loveHow could IWhen I know what my heart’s made ofCould it beThat your soul lives inside of […]

She Mends Me

Look at me I’m not the man I used to beWhen she smiles at meI live the light I used to see There she goes and i knowOn my ownI’m not whole Can’t believeShe can’t seeThat she’s taken the best part of me [Chorus:]I’m half a man with half a heartWith naothing left to tear […]

Dimelo (I Need To Know)

La gente anda diciendo por allique tu quisieras acercarte a miSi tu supieras que te quiero amarque hasta el cielo te quiero llevar [Coro:] No me dejes solo con mi corazonque esta enloquecido con esta pasionSi es que me deseas nena dimeloporque por tu amor estoy muriendo yoAy dimelo, ven dimeloporque por tu amor estoy […]

Am I The Only One

Days have passedAnd still no sign of usNot a hint of what used to beWhen you lived in that part of meThis blinding silenceLives in every room Of what once was a happy homeNow we’re sitting here all aloneCould this be that it was all a lieAnd we’re just afraid to say good-bye [Chorus:] Am […]

My Baby You

As I look into your eyes, I see all the reasons the why my life’s worth a thousand skies. You’re the simplest love I’ve known and the purest one I’ll own. Know you’ll never be alone. CHORUS:My baby you are the reason I could fly and ’cause of you, I don’t have to wonder why. […]