I've Got You

Baby when I think about youI don’t need to think ’cause I just knowThat baby it’s the way you love meThat makes me so damn sure that your the one Don’t you know that I’ve waited for youYou are everything I’ve wanted all my lifeNever thought I would find what I need‘Til you came along […]

Remember Me

It’s not enoughto say I’ve loved and lostjust a thoughtto know I had it alltimes can changebut love will not grow oldturn the pageturn down this bed alone [Chorus:] Do you still remember mehow could you forgetyou’re everything I needI’m out here on the ledgethere’s no words for me to sayand too much to regretyou’re […]

I Need You

From the day that I met you girlI knew that your love would beEverything that I ever wanted in my lifeFrom the moment you spoke my nameI new everything had changedBecause of you I felt my life would be complete [Refrain]Oh baby I need youFor the rest of my life girl I need youTo make […]

I Need To Know

They say around the way you’ve asked for methere’s even talk about you wantin’ meI must admit that’s what I wanna hearBut thas jus’ talk until you take me there, oh If it’s true don’t leave me all alone out hereWonderin’ if you’re ever gonna take me thereTell Me What you’re feelin’ cuz I need […]

Love Is All

When you hold me like thisso many memories fill my eyesthe first time we kissedthe times we nearly said good-byebut still here we aretested and tried and still trueand stronger than we ever knew [Chorus:] Love is allthe laughter and the tears that fallthe mundane and the magicallove is allall is lovethe careless word, the […]