I Try

Games, changes and fearsWhen will they go from hereWhen will they stopI believe that fate has brought us hereAnd we should be togetherBut wer,e notI play it off but I’m dreamin of youI’ll keep it cool but I’m fiendin.I try to say goodbye and I chokeI try to walk away and I stumbleThough I try […]


it’s real sickthe state of the world todayit’s real thickto come up and find a waysolutionthe next time you’re aloneyou cancreate a world of your ownmake it magicgive it lovemake it all you’re dreaming ofeverybodyin my underwearsometimes I visit thereoblivionignorance is blissdon’t know nothing but thisoblivionforgetbounce from right to lefthere with the broken heartedlet’s get […]

Freak Like Me

sorry that I’m lateI been searchin’ for something greatsomething to fill me uphe said join the clubthen we made love till my body ached and baby when you have the timeI wanna tell you what is on my mindI gotta get it offcause it’s so heavyafter what we did the other nightI wanna be with […]

My Nutmeg Phantasy

nutty nutmeg phantasycan’t you see you and mein my nutty nutmeg phantasynutty nutmeg phantasyyou and mecan’t you seeyou and mein my nutty nutmeg baby I know we had a bad dayyou are so mad at meit don’t mean we have to mope aroundpicture us on the moonhappy like a cartoonbelieve in love and it will […]

A Moment To Myself

I saw a rainbow earlier today Lately those rainbow be comin’ round like everyday Deep in the struggle I have found the beauty of me God is watchin and the devil finally let me be Here in this moment to myself I’m gonna vibe with no one else There is a conversation I need to […]