Sweet Baby

Many times I’ve been told that I should go but they dont knowwhat we got baby then they not see the love in you but love i do and i’m staying right here ummm sweet sweet baby life is crazybut there’s one thing i am sure ofthat I’m your lady always baby and I love […]

Do Something

[Verse One:]Like Cleopatra Got the masses at my feetGot a living dwell Down on easy streetI’m the latest craze (oh yeah)And if you stay a whileInevitablyYou gone be bitin’ my styleIn your later days (well, well, well)Let me tell you what is factAnd what is trueI get high and that aint that much to doI’m […]

Sexual Revolution

everybody shake ittime to be free amongst yourselvesyour mama told you to be discreetand keep your freak to yourselfbut your mama lied to you all this timeshe knows as well as you and Iyou’ve got to express what is taboo in youand share your freak with the rest of uscause it’s a beautiful thang this […]

Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak

Superlove is something that they say is very rare In the dark, In your world it’s everywhere And I feel like an x x rated movie star It’s the way you love me down It’s the way you love me down Everytime we kiss you bring out the woman in me Everytime you holler out […]

Don't Come Around

i have finally faced itthe well is dryand we’re not gonna make itout of the war alivehe brings me close and says to melets make this a happy endingand try to stay friendsbut you seeif this love affair was happythen it would not end and i don’t wanna beone of your friendsif we must break […]