you must be smellin’ cherries and strawberries and peachesand plumsroses and dandelions special lovin’ on the nite I spent with youit was the best that I’ve had latelybut it didn’t mean anythingand I will be glad when you stop callin’ me harrydon’t wanna be your girlfriendbut boy when you want the lovin’come and see me […]

I Can't Wait To Meetchu

I tried to live without you What a misery it turned out to be Sorry for the time I doubted you Can’t seem to get nowhere ‘less you’re next to me And everyday I wonder what it would be like Just to see the one who’s always be my side Lookin out for you and […]


Hush the neighbors hear you moanin and groanin But I just can’t help it specially when we be bonin "I can take you fears away" I could not believe it Hey what’s your name? Beau doh doh dah He’s something like my favorite movie Beau doh doh dah I wanna see him again and again […]

Hey Young World Part 2

check one twocheck one twohey young worldcheck one twocheck one twoyoung world young world this track here may cause concernfor all ring leaderswhy don’t you listen and learnlove peace happiness once was strongbut due to societyeven that’s turned wrong why? don’t be a dumb dummyand disrespect mommywhy?she put you on earthand loved you since birthand […]


In my last years with him there were bruises On my face In my dawn and new day I finally got away But my head’s all messed up and he knows Just what to say No more dawn and new days I’m goin back to stay Why say bye bye When it only makes me […]