Mother Earth Is A Vicious Crowd

Pollution, Cain and miseryOceans of golden mysteryArmies boisterous and armies loudPortraits of a vicious crowdTalk to me, talk to me nowHey man, you’re all that I haveMe, myself, myself and IWere born to work and born to dieI have chosen my anthemsOf them I am proudPortraits of a divided crowdTalk to me, talk to me […]

Operation Spirit (The Tyranny Of Tradition)

Heard a lot of talk about the oceanHeard a lot of talk about the seaHeard a lot of talk about a lot of thingsNever meant that much to meHeard a lot of talk about my spiritHeard a lot of talk about my soulBut I decided that anxiety and painWere better friendsSo I let it goDid […]

Selling The Drama

and to love: a godand to fear: a flameand to burn a crowd that has a name and to right or wrongand to meek or strongit is known, just scream it from the wall i’ve willed, i’ve walked, i’ve readi’ve talked, i know, i know,i’ve been here before hey, now we won’t be rapedhey, now […]


I like the way my hand looked on your headIn the prescense of my knucklesAnd the beauty of this vision aloneJust like yesterday’s sunsetHas been perverted by the sentimentalAnd mistaken for love The felix of your truth will always break itAnd the iris of your eyes will always shake itAnd the armiesThe armies I have […]

Take My Anthem

War in meWar overseasThere ain’t no difference betweenBlood in meBlood overseasThere ain’t no difference betweenThe chills in your spine are oh, so sweetPeople honor you so muchYou’ve got to defend the state at your feetNo!Take, take, take my anthem todayHands on meHands overseasThere ain’t no difference betweenHeart in meHeart overseasThere ain’t no difference between