she can’t tell me that all of the love songs have been written,’cause she’s never been in love with you before. your skin smells lovely like sandalwood.your hair falls soft like animals.i’m tryin’ to keep cool, but everyone likes you. i want to kiss the back of your neck,the top of your spine where your […]

Snow Day

it’s a bad’s a train’s a bad’re my medicine. it’s a snow’s a full’s a snow day. when’d you get down to my bones?where’ll i find that wishing stone?the beads, the records,all the calls, and the drinks alone. first by mind, then by musicyou’ll make this all less’s a […]


my friend’s got a bruise on his leg, a bruise on his legeverytime you friend’s got a bruise on his leg, where i press my kneeeverytime you speak. actually, bottom line, you tell the truth sometimes.sometimes you tell the truth like you’re pulling taffy. my friend’s got a bruise on his arm, a bruise […]

It's Over

sorry sir, i stole your money.sorry sir, i feel,but it’s so, so twisted,so unreal. it was what i’d heard of,and what i didn’t have,but i cannot give what i do not have,and i cannot take what i do not have.i can’t take it. don’t stultify.don’t hold me high.don’t stultify.don’t hold me high. too many things […]


i want to be by myself, sometimes i do.i don’t want to be left behind, but sometimes i’m left by you. i press my tongue to the top of my mouth,’cause my jaw, it was tired with the thinking.i stretched my toes to the end of the couch,’cause my back, it was aching from sleeping. […]