Take My Pain Away

ft. Lil’ Zane [Lil’ Romeo]Let’s Conquer, Big Daddy, Kevin Miller, Grandma Miller and Grandma Elizabeth [Lil’ Romeo – Repeat 3x]To My Loves I gone, I gotta knowWhere do we go from here, I gotta know [Lil’ Romeo]Dear God, I remember when times was hardGunshots echoed the block like passin’ carsI miss my cousin Lance look […]

Just a Kid

[Chorus: Lil’ Romeo – repeat 2x]I’m the one wit the crushed out tankI’m the one who makin’ young girls faintDon’t smoke and too young to drinkJust a kid but got a mill in the bank [Lil’ Romeo]Sharp brown-skinI can always be found in, that dirty SouthChicks say I’m expanded, I go all outTill’ they fall […]

My Baby

[Deejay] Hotline[caller] Can I request a song?[Deejay] Sure[caller] "My Baby" by Lil’ Romeo {*giggling*}[Deejay] You got that [Chorus: Lil’ Romeo and a girl singing][G:] Oh Romeo give me a chance[R:] Uh uhh too young I don’t need a girlfriend[G:] Walk me home from school anyway[R:] (Heheh) O-kay[G:] Oh Romeo the cutest boy I know[R:] I […]

2 Way

2 Way me Hit It [Chorus x2]Romeo, Romeo it takes two to make a thing go rightRomeo, oh Romeo it takes two to make it out of site [Verse 1] I wanna rock right now im lil Romeo and i came to get down im notinternationally known but I’m known to rock the microphoneCall me […]