ft. Hump [Lil’ Flip talkin’]ay this is for everybodythat wanna get in the rap gamethis is for everybody that think you just get in the rap gameand blow up over nightthis is for everybody that thinkits easy to be on T.V in front of limo’sand buy rolex’s ha its better known as bleed and suck […]


ft. Deep Threat [Rap 1: Lil’ Flip]I’m Lil’ Flip Takin trips to Cancun Drop the tape My cartoon comin soon Blowin up like a hot air balloon Livin in a penthouse wit 25 rooms Houston, Texas~Benz N Lexus Find me on the freeway drivin reckless Wear sunglasses when you look at my necklace Worldwide respected […]

R.I.P. Screw

ft. Bizzy Bone [talking]Yeah (yeah, yeah) uhLil’ Flip, Bizzy Bone(First Eazy, Houston TexasThen Pac, then BiggieAnd now it’s Big PunNow DJ Screw, Aaliyah) [Chorus: Bizzy Bone – 2x]And even though you gone, your memory lives onAnd on yeah, and even though you diedYou still my nigga, my nigga, my nigga [Lil’ Flip]I met Screw in […]

On Point

ft. Lil’ James [Chorus 1 – Lil’ Flip (Lil’ James)]You on point James (I’m on point Flip)You act bad James (I act bad Flip)You got skills (Nigga you know I got skills)Then lets put our brains together and make some mills [Lil’ James]I got skills like a coal mine lined up with a drillKeep the […]

Haters Still Mad

ft. Big T, Lil’ Ron [talking]Uh, Lil’ Flip, them hatas still madMan look, Big T [Chorus: Big T]Why y’all haters still madI said I don’t know why babyCause Screwed Up Click acting badCause Screwed Up Click acting bad [Lil’ Flip]You might see me in the benzo, sitting on Lorenzos, blowing on some endoIt’s five o’clock […]