Come On And Love Me

I need you and I need love I need truth and I need God I don’t know just how to say But I love you anyway You and I can’t be too strong Come on and love me With the stars and moon above Take me in your arms let love Rule us in our […]


I smell the fear that rains inside The thought of children who must oblige To tainted dreams and polluted seas The missing moon and melting trees A mist of doom and clouds of pain A toxic waste and an acid rain The passing of our ignorance A lifetime spent in abstinence I living in fear, […]


One day while I was searchingFor what I’ll never findShe walked into my storySaid she could change my mindThis is the final offerShe said to make it quickDon’t lose out on this wonderSo I had to place my bet Welcome to the picture showWatching your lifeNever know which way to goIt might not be rightSo […]

Does Anybody Out There Even Care

The dream is lost Don’t let it slip away Or bloody days won’t be far away ‘Cause when there’s no more sun There’s no where you can run Does anybody know how many lives we’ve lost Can anybody ever pay the cost What will it take for us to join in peace my friends Does […]

Dig In

It’s time to face and come-on in and join the partyLife has been waiting for you to careDon’t try to fake it, jump on in and get it startedThere’s so much lovin for you to share ! There is nowhere to runThere is no way to hideDon’t let it beat youSay ‘nice to meet you’ […]