God Save Us All

We need a leaderWe can’t seem to help ourselvesFighting and lyingWe can’t seem to let it goWe live each dayOn a small piece of borrowed timeWhy aren’t we tryingTo enjoy this crazy rideWhat are we gonna do about it ? God save us allGod save us allGod save us allIf we really tryMaybe we can […]

God Is Love

God is loveThrough all your trials and tribulationsGod is loveHe’ll get you through all situationsGod is loveAnd if you are ready He always is ready for you God loves everyoneThat’s why He gave His son, oh yeahAnd you should feel His painYet He gave us everything God is loveHe’ll get you through your pain and […]

Black Girl

Black girl, so fine and bright Black girl, you shine as the night Black girl, you move me so right I just have to make you mine ‘Cause you make me lose my mind Black girl, with beauty so deep Black girl, just rock me to sleep Black girl, good things you will reap ‘Cause […]

Stop Draggin' Around

( More of guitar, need more track Bass, more guitar ) Thinking positivity If you wanna be with me I’ll take you to the promised land Come on baby take my hand Stop draggin’ around, stop draggin’ around Stop draggin’ around, stop draggin’ around Yeah yeah yeah ! ahah hou .. Higher and higher and […]

Blues For Sister Someone

I know a girl who gets off By sticking needles in her vein Oh lord what a shame She’s got no money so she turns tricks And plays dirty games Oh Lord spare her pain What she say she do to you You’d have to be insane The bathroom stall, her bedroom The one that’s […]