In My Life Today

When my memory starts to wanderI sit back and I ponderHow the whole world’s gone asunderI feel the rain and I hear the thunder I was bare and I was lostBut you were there and now I’m bornYou are the force and strengthIn my life today And oh how I thank you fatherFor giving us […]

My Love

My love Paints the desert sky My love Walks the hundredth mile My love Has an angel’s smile My love My love Wanna lose my mind inside your head My love Is a purifier My love Is my one desire My love Always walks the earth My love My love Wanna lose my mind inside […]

Take Time

You can have it if you really want You can grasp it if you have the thought Feel your power that is deep within Are you ready ? On your mark begin We should take time out to really love We should find out who we really are We should take time out to really […]


Sister Did you have to fall in love With a man That never was Up to no good He took your soul And he stole your only heart Flipped your wig and left a permanent scar Sister Did you have to go away You left your home And the things you had to say It […]

Can’t Get You Off My Mind

Life is just a lonely highwayI’m out here on the open roadI’m old enough to see behind meBut young enough to feel my soulI don’t wanna lose you babyAnd I don’t wanna be aloneDon’t wanna live my days without youBut for now I’ve got to be without you I’ve got a pocket full of moneyAnd […]