Believe In Me

Where’s the love we had ?When did it go bad ?Or am I just insecure ?I give all I canBaby I’m your manTell me what you’re in this forRemind me I can’t go onI know not what to doMy heart is wornI feel as If I’m throughPlease believe in me‘Cause what I need is for […]


I am you and you are me Why’s that such a mystery ? If you want it you got to believe Who are we ? We’re who we are Riding on this great big star We’ve got to stand up if we’re gonna be free yeah If you want it you got to believe Believe […]

Bank Robber Man

I was walking down the street todayJust as somebody blew the doors off of the B of AJust then I head them call my nameAs I was thrown against the carI was being framed All units we’ve got our manWe’ve got the bank robber manWe don’t need no reasonYou’re going in the canYou look like […]

Are You Gonna Go My Way

I was born long ago I am the chosen I’m the one I have come to save the day And I won’t leave until I’m done So that’s why you’ve got to try You got to breath and have some fun Though I’m not paid I play this game And I won’t stop until I’m […]


You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen You shine just like sunlight rays On a winter snow I just had to tell you so Your eyes sparkle as the stars Like the moon they glow Your smile could light the world on fire Or did you know ? Your mind’s full of everything […]