Run Away

no, he said noif i’m not okayhe won’tit’s all i dreamt, if i’m not, no (not) if you don’t want me to run away staythen i’ll tell you if i’m not okay, yeahi thought i knew, i’d wish that you would staydon’t run away, no don’t no (no)if you don’t want me to run away […]

Get It On

tonight’s the night, better make it fast ’cause it feels alrightthis is the time, you know ’cause he told, he said it’s nothing like the sun better than the moon that shimmers so niceit’s prettier than your eyes even though they’re little stars get it on, you’ll make it feel alrightbreak her heart you know […]

Give My Life

it’s stuck inside my mind so nicenothing else that makes me laughi have tried to put it all a little bit away, yeahtried to get it out of my mind i never have to walk alonethere is always someone next to mei know that this is our best time, yeahand i hope that it will […]


The things you’re doing areIllegal in your own countrySo you travel around the worldLooking for your heavenLittle girls are waiting thereForced to be abusedBy you Refrein:It was their motherShe made them screamEven though they wereAll she had thenBut she needed the moneyIf she wanted to surviveShe had to be selfishGave her kids awayGave her kids […]

Let It Go

Give my lifebeing alone there’s no one you can trustyou wonder if they know where you have been last nightyou know they’re busy and that won’t make you cryII)but they don’t care and that’s hard I)searching for warmth, you’ve never knownbeing with girlfriends who helped you throughyou’ve had some guys slept with someII)but they don’t […]