A glance over your own shoulder A vow that today will stand out Caged in a routineIntent unknownThe element Of surprise I’mpact undetermined but vastMark me…Brandishing a cold loaded smile Simplicity, subtlety, discordance fate and allegoryEverything has it’s purpose and you will suffer for what you’ve done

Pink Lemonade

Trusted youWith my lifeShattered dreamsBroken glassI hope there is a closureDown your pathFor I have yet to findThe means to forgiveSo what if this was all I had?Is it over?Washing awayAnd forget to seeGo choose your wayLeaving everythingYou walked away from thisDid it make it easier on you?So now what?Life must go on still hauntedIt’s […]

No Name

Indeed I will condescendExhausting every trace to give you,What you asked forEverything you demanded you bleed right from meAt last, I will be freeAnd the phoenix risesInvasion of my last hopeFor once just know your placeWe are only humanEverything you demanded you bleed right from meSo weak you cannot seeCorruption at its finest


I Look At her In That Paper Dress.I Wonder Why She Won’t Burn.She’s Just A Paper Doll, Thats All, Just A Paper Doll.I Dress Her Up She Knocks Me down [2x]They Try Her On For Size, she Fits Nice.One Size Fits All [2x]Now Her Soul Is Dead, Now Her Bodies Raw, You Can Numb Her […]


So, I’m Nothing.You Took Something From Me, Now You’ve Dissapeared.You’re Right Where I Want You. You Said You Wanted It, Alright. No! Its Not Alright [3x]No… Now I’m Something, And Your Head Is In My Closet.Dead Forever, They’ll Never Search It… Out Of Sight No! Its Not Alright [3x] No… I’m Cold, So Cold, Ohh, […]