Her love is a gun, her love is a blade, she’s a killer Bitch is insane, she deals in pain, she’s a killer Ooh, she’ll cut you clean, then she’ll watch you bleed So obscene, she’s what I need, she loves to hear me scream Black lace, stiletto heels, she’s a killer Crack the whip, […]

I Just Wanna

I got a body built for sin and an appetite for passionYeah I can see the road to ruin and I’m lookin’ for some actionI got my finger on the trigger and a match to the fuseI’ll make someone an offer that’s too big to refuseTired of tryin’ to be what I’ll never be, baby,you […]

All The Way

One, two, three, fourYou’ve got a lot to sayEvery night and every sunny dayIt’s the same thing you’ve been sayin’ to meEvery dayYou say it’s within your heartYou keep repeatin’ that we’ll never partI’m so finally glad to hear you stopFor a dayYou just keep talkin’ louderComplain to your mother and fatherOne of these days […]

Got To Choose

Baby, you know I heard the neighbors sayBaby, you might be leavin’ me todayOh yeah, mmm, someone’s come along and shared your timeDon’t care, no I don’t, noBut you can’t be his and still be mine, soOoh, got to choose who’s your babyOoh, got to chooseSometimes, oh sometimes, I know you need a change of […]

Hearth Of Chrome

You better listen up, since you screwed me you’ve been on my mindYeah, ’til the day we met, I was cruisin’, I was doin’ fineOoh, but now my world’s gone crazy and I think about you all the timeI’m gonna tell it to ya baby, it ain’t like it wasThere’ll be no ifs ands or […]