[Talk]Someday I know That there will come a timeThat we all will have to come together as oneBut we let this wall be the endLet the mouth beginFeel me [Jerzee]When I was coming upI got old fashion loveNever talked back to MamaAlways knew where a kid’s place was I feel much frustrationGotta teach this generationTo […]

Most High (Remix)

ft. DMX Yo if you don’t know what the Things change and rearrangeFriends aren’t friend anymorePeople go behind your back to score on anythingWill we ever have peace Someone tell me please You know you will see on the block Kids playin hearin gunshotsNever phased by the crimes that they witnessYoung mama right thereDon’t be […]

Most High

( Jerzzee Monet Talking )Yopeople dont knowWhat the world means to meThings change and rearrangeFriends aren’t friends anymorePeople go behind your backs takes allon anythingWill we ever have peacesomeone tell me please ( Verse 1 )Wanna know what I see on the blockKids playin hearin’ gun shotsNever phased by the crime that they witnessFollow me […]

Better Than That

[TALK]Hello?Yo, look I need to talk to youI need to talk to you because ummThings just aren’t working out(Laugh) Yeah whateverWe still need to talk though I’m better than that Yo, feel me It’s always don’t call, I’ll call youSecret rendevousYou think you can fool me (Picture that)Why I never met your friendsNever in publicAnd […]

Stop My Flow

[Talk]You’re a haterAnd you tryna stop my flow [Chorus]So many wanna stop my flowSo many wanna stop my flowWanna come and put ya rode blocks downBut that don’t mean I can’t go around [Jerzee]Wanna be a friend to meBut fake is all that I seeThey aren’t the way the use to beFunny how time changes […]