Canned Heat

You know this boogie is for realI used to put my faith in worshipBut then my chance to get to Heaven slippedI used to worry about the futureBut then I threw my caution to the windI had no reason to be care free, no no noUntil I took a trip to the other side of […]

Love Foolosophy

Baby baby, I feel these sweet sensationsHoney honey, looks like a superstarShe’s got a promise of lovestruck fascination What am I to do?How am I to know?Who you are. And this love, fool, osophy is killing previousillusions that I had in my mind about youSeems so true, all the lies you’re tellingtragically compelling and my […]

Deeper Underground

Yeah, you know they gonna bring him downThey gonna wreck it down, yeahSomething’s come to rock meAnd I can’t keep my headI get nervous in the New York City streetsWhere my legacy treadsI know I’m better off standing in the shadowsFar from humans with gunsBut now it’s too late, there’s no escapeFrom what they have […]

King For A Day

There’s no wayI’m coming back to youI’ve just got to sayThat everything we did is throughYou tried to undermineThe better ranges of my natureBut soon you’re going to findYou should have started talking straighterNow don’t you worryI won’t put you downI’m in no hurry, babyTo see you go to groundBecause it’s true what they sayYou […]

Cosmic Girl

I must’ve died and goneto heavenCos it was a quarterpast elevenOn a Saturday in 1999Right across from whereI’m standingOn the dance floor shewas landingIt was clear that shewas from another timeLike some baby BarbarellaWith the stars as her umbrellaShe asked me if I’dlike to magnetiseDo I have to go star-trekkingCos it’s you I shouldbe checkingSo […]