Life Ain't A Game

Ja RuleLife Ain’t a Game [Chorus x2]Life ain’t a game (nooooo)If you feelin me (say yeah-yea)Flip the bird where (in the aiiir)Fuck the world (we don’t caaare) [Ja Rule] It’s time to ride outNiggaz stash your cash at the hideoutThe Murderous I-N-C’s en route (Y’all hear me)feelin my shit the same (Y’all fear me)in every […]

It's Your Life

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yoJa Rule, UhShade and Irv GottiNiggas don’t want none of this [Ja Rule]Ladies call me white Kane, pure as snowLike cocaine, cutiepies powder they noseI’ve been preaching to the starsLadies be livin real harderA lot of icons, but consider me GodBorn in the seventiesThe eighties was growing wit timeNow it’s two […]

Only Begotten Son

He who believeth in JaShall not be condemnedBut he that believeth notIs condemned alreadyOnly becauseHe has not believedIn the man and the only begotten sonMy Lord [chorus]For he so feared the wordHe left his only begotten sonTo shed his bloodShow that pain is loveBut I wont cry Cause I live to dieWit my mind on […]

Livin' It Up

[Ja Rule]Yeah, yeah, yeahWe all my…YeahC’mon, c’mon, uhTo all my bitches that be givin’ it up, uhTo all my niggas that be livin’ it up, we say…To all my bitches that be givin’ it up, ahC’mon [Verse 1: Ja Rule]Baby, you’re such a typical, everyday, one night thingIt’s a physical, I’ma fuck, you tonight thingFuck, […]

Count on Your Nigga

[Ja Rule] Uh, yeahIt’s Ja Rule niggaUh, uh, yeahFeel thisUh, Ja Rule niggaDef Jam, Ja Look at my life style it’s dangerousWhen I was young this sorta life was contagiousHustlin’ hard like them sharks down in VegasMy gat and I come bust spontaneousThis world made us to take only what they gave usThe game is […]