YeahTears they keep falling from my eyez from my eyezYeah Baby girl (baby girl)You got me sittin here goin crazy (goin crazy)Oh yes you do, oh yes you doOw sweet lady A letter or a card will do (will do)Cause a brotha sure misses you Tears they keep fallin from my eyez from my eyezAnd […]

Ain't No Need

IMx is back againSo everybody run and tell a friendLDB, Bat, RomeoThey’re three bad brothers ’bout to run the showIMx is back againYo’, B-A-T, won’t you bring it in Listen, don’t you hate it when people be hatin’ onwhat you doIt’s always about them and never about youAnd some times you just don’t know what […]

First Time

La da da da da da da…..La da da da da da da….. See, normaly a brother wouldn’t talk about his first time But I’ll just be real with y’all and say what’s on my mind I remember like yesterday, just a little man I had no clue just like, didn’t understand Look up to […]

First Of All

[Romeo speaks]Uhhh, I meanI was trying to make things work usYou knowTrying to be a good manTrying to be by your side First of all (I called you day after day)First of all (I wrote you letter after letter)First of all (please understand I tried)You kept trippinNow there’s someone else Never wanted this beJust thought […]