Touch my handDoes it feel strange to youSomehow I’d like to knowIf you’re my friendWhy’d you stay inside your shellTake a look outside yourself Just tell me what you seeDoes it still look like meCan’t find a way to rise again Find the shadeFlood it with your golden eyesBefore it turns you blindNot too lateTry […]

Speak the Words

I had enough words to say that I was sorryI had enough ways to make it go awayBut foolish pride has ruined the path before meI guess the sun can only shine here once a day I drowned myself in a wave of lost ambitionI filled your world with my hate and disbeliefI trapped my […]


It’s hard whenYou try to surviveAnd try to hold onAs we will go downWe will fall down One day I will go into a new state of mind I guess Until that dayI’ll try to know my name I try to blink but go numbSo it throws mud in my eyeI gasp for air but […]


A new feeling grows inside meCan’t take away the black skyI’m too afraid to use new colorsWave the older man goobye I was drowning in the oceanI couldn’t keep my head upNo one ever helped me fightingNo one ever seemed to mind Close your eyes don’t be shyThere’s no need to shut the lightJust try […]