How Can I Be Sure

How can I be sure In a world that’s constantly changingHow can I be sure Where I stand with you Whenever I… Whenever I’m away from you I wanna die ‘Cause you know I wanna stay with you How do I know Maybe you’re trying to use meFlying too high can confuse meTouch me, but […]

Seal Our Fate

They say it’s never too late and though that might be the case sometimesThe sad truth of it is opportunity won’t knock twiceYou can put off until tomorrow but tomorrow might never comeGotta think about the future ’cause today soon will be long gone Where will you be a few years down the line,Will it […]


I saw a girl todaycould tell from what she sayshe was a liarshe walks a wireI tried to make her seethat this was not the wayof getting higherand then she turned away, so I say hear me nowjust understand, don’t get me wrongyou got to live your life, live it right,or you’ll go back to […]

Don’t Release Me (Wycleaf Jean Remix) (bonus track

ack by popular demandat the Copa CabanaGloria Estefanwith the refugeesget off the wallyou ready? this ones goes outfor the Cuban Kings and Queensthugs falling in lovewith Latin SerpentinesI met her at the clubguess down with a pagerI ask her what’s her nameshe said, Gloriawhere are you from?Cubawhat you do?I’m a singershe looked at me and […]

Along Came You (A Song For Emily)

I thought that I knew all therewas to knowI knew all about loveI lived the highs and made itthrough the lowsI know all about lovebut now I must admit I’m surprisedand feel I’ve only scratched the surface’cause baby when I look in your eyesI understand my one true purpose you were sent to meby angels […]