Anything Is Possible

I never thought I could be feeling this wayStanding here in front of you this perfect dayIt’s hard to imagine where tomorrow will leadI’ll keep this moment in my heart for eternity Even through the rain I kept my faithThe will to follow throughAnd I never lost the strength withinAnd it’s all because of you […]

Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake)

I’ve been letting you down, downGirl I know I’ve been such a foolGiving in to temptationWhen I should’ve played it coolThe situation got out of handI hope you understand [Chorus]It can happen to..Anyone of us, anyone you think ofAnyone can fallAnyone can hurt someone they loveHearts will break‘Cause I made a stupid mistakeIt can happen […]

Tell Me One More Time

Come on and tell me baby… do U believe in lovethe way that I doand when u find the onewherever u go will travel with uwhat do I saywhere do I startto pick up the pieces of your broken hearttell me one more timewhy your heart cannot be minelook into my eyes and saythat love […]


we’re going downtown woooooooooooooooooooow is the temperature hot enough for you tonightis it making your dreams suggest things you cant fightif you call me 1 time, 2 time, anytime that you wantgot a certain sure fire remedy to get you out so take my hand and rock with meto the sweetest symphonyyour body pleads to […]


[Verse 1] Eyes, like a sunriseLike a rainfallDown my soulAnd I wonder,I wonder why you look at me like thatWhat you’re thinking,What’s behindDon’t tell me, but it feels like love [Chorus] I’m gonna take this momentand make it last foreverI’m gonna give my heart awayand pray we’ll stay together‘Cause you’re the one good reasonYou´re the […]