Breaking Up The Girl

In a modern cultureMy friend you must be carefulThey’ve a million ways to kill you In this dangerous worldThere’s an art to growing oldTaking chancesMagic happens One mistake’s all it takesAnd your life has come undoneWalk away cause you’re breaking up the girlIt’s a dragI know it’s hardBut you’re tearing her apartWalk away cause you’re […]

Only Happy When It Rains

I’m only happy when it rainsI’m only happy when it’s complicatedAnd though I know you can’t appreciate itI’m only happy when it rainsYou know I love it when the news is badWhy it feels so good to feel so sadI’m only happy when it rains Pour your misery downPour your misery down on mePour your […]

Lick The Pavement

1, 2, 3, 4. You’ve got my number.You… know what I need.And I go crazyWhen… ever I bleed.Won’t you come over?I… swear I’ll be nice.My girlfriend told me thatYou’ve left your wife. I learn to bribe.I learn to say please.Oh, wont you lick the pavement for me?I learn to bribe.I learn to say please.I like […]


Hey boy, take a look at meLet me dirty up your mindI’ll strip away your hard veneerAnd see what I can find The queerest of the queerThe strangest of the strangeThe coldest of the coolThe lamest of the lameThe numbest of the dumbI hate to see you hereYou choke behind a smileA fake behind the […]

Dog New Tricks

I wish I had not woke up todayEveryone mistakes the things you sayTake the simple truth andTwist it all aroundMake it sound importantMake it seem profound Dog new tricksNothing you learn will stickDog new tricksYou make me feel so worthless Everyone I know has gone awayDied or left or just forgot to staySometimes took for […]