New York Strait Talk

"From New York straight talk, America’s best" (3X)"Yo I’m not new to this I’m true to this" -> Apocalipse "Word up!" "From New York straight talk… America’s best" [Guru]Yo, it doesn’t make sense, for you to compete againstthis New York vibe that gets your whole body tenseCalm down, listen to a brother who knowsCause the […]


"Gangstarr has gots to be the sure shot" –> Greg Nice"and it’s like dat" (Primo scratching) "GangStarr" "Represent" [K-Ci and JoJo] Ohhh yeah [Guru]One of the meanest and the cleanestAnd still I’m kind of feindish when I’m at thisBeen doin this for eons, peons best to catch thisvision of excellence, precise rappin abilityBout to make […]


Yo Yo Premier?Yeah whassup G? That trip to L.A., may be delayedWhy whassup I’m on my way to the airport now Yeah well your boy Guru got knockedWHAT?! I don’t know what this is about, sounds crazy man Somethin about a gun "The court calls Keith Elam to the stand. Please approach the bench." [Guru]Yo […]

Make ‘Em Pay

[Guru]First and foremost, some rappers are sweet like fructoseWhen I cock back these lyrics, y’all punks best be ghostI be the seven twenty-one, eighteen twenty-oneThe illest one, I’m almost doper than anyoneStraight out the late nights of Bed-StuySteppin up, y’all put your weapons up, I make heads flyYou’re artificial like saccarhinYou’re crazy fake, it’s more […]