Chloroform The One You Love

And if I couldn’t attain All I need to explain Would she even look me in the eye again She sits back and ignores My need to adore Intimidations got me down again She’s only 18 but such a beautiful dream All she needs is some chloroform And she’ll be mine Chloroform the one, the […]

Hey Or When The Drugs Wear Off

Hey, you do it all the time Hey, you do it all So take a breath, I know you’re feeling jaded Talking about the time that you left me Naked and face down in the hotel hallway Dallas, Texas, 3 a.m. But I know the telephone would ring And you’d say all those beautfiul things […]


Says she’s got another life That I am living in my friend Through and through she says It’s nothing I can change I always was the one The celebration ends without a sound And the friends they’re not around And you find you’re all alone Talking to yourself again You promised it’s the end Just […]

Got A Feeling

I got a feeling, it’s a feeling That you’ll never understand It’s like a rush to my heart That I hope never ends But it all depends It’s a power such a power A sensation that is changing how I feel about you It’s all brand new The fight is far from over There’s nothing […]

Talk Show Host

I can’t describe the pressure of the hype Another show they’ll have your vein opened up again But it’s all the same they way they sell the game Sucking out the feeling so you’ll never win Overload…in stereo…I’m sweating like a talk show host tonight Overload…in stereo…I’m sweating like a talk show host tonight Despite […]