This is the window to my heartI just want us to be for realThere ain’t no freedom where we areAin’t no wishes in these starsAin’t no reasons to believeBut don’t worry babyDon’t you worryMaybe this is what we needA little bruise and a little bleedingSome space that we can’t breathe inSome silence in between [Chorus:]So […]

A Room In My Heart

My heart was once just like a homeWith many rooms and open doorsAnd I always let love inIt would change the rooms around and thenLeave them empty ‘Til one by one I locked each doorAnd soon forgot what love was forBut I never gave up hopin’So I left just one door openIn case you found […]


I’ve tried with all my mindBut still don’t understand why we ever let it get so out of handMy arms are reaching out and holding on tightTo what it always felt so rightIt’s hard to figure out the answers to the questionsWind blow the light as you go on a separate direction The world is […]

A Man’s Home Is His Castle

Linda works the diner pourin’ coffee slingin’ hashShe said, "I wouldn’t have come in today"But I really need the cash"I know I can’t fool anyone ’cause dark glasses tell no lies"But make-up won’t cover up a blackened eye"Oh, oh, oh no "You see, Jimmy works construction now"But yesterday it rained"So he went down to the […]